Welcome to Mountain Bourbon!

This is the post excerpt.

This is the inaugural post for the bourbon community of the Main Street Wine Bar (the MSWB) in Stahlstown, PA, in the heart of the spectacular Laurel Highlands. The purpose of this blog is to highlight the bourbon program at the MSWB and to explore advanced topics around the production, distribution, and consumption of Kentucky (and only Kentucky) bourbon. We’ll also feature upcoming bourbon tastings and events at the MSWB like the Pappy Van Winkle tasting coming in January (see breathtaking picture below!). We I nvite spirited (pun intended) debate and conversation on all things bourbon. And only Kentucky bourbon. Because why would you drink bourbon not from the motherland!


5 thoughts on “Welcome to Mountain Bourbon!”

  1. Why only Kentucky bourbon? Is it truly superior? If so, how and why? Does MSWB have non-Kentucky bourbons or are they simply inferior and undeserving? Other comments from followers are welcome.


    1. MSWB does not feature any non-Bluegrass offerings and proudly never will! All of the essential ingredients for a superior bourbon are abundantly available in KY- hot summers and cold winter nights to age to perfection, American white oak, sweet corn and generations of master distillers.


  2. The best of “Pennsyl-Tucky” now wakening your burbon palette. No better space than the delightful MSWB ! Come one come all to taste and baste in the best choice around! Sweet Kentucky Burbon 😘


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