A Slight (Rye) Detour

So let me begin by apologizing for the long sabbatical from the last post. Since then, we did a deep dive into six Four Roses store picks— a very nuanced exploration of the different combinations of mash bill and yeast strains employed in Four Roses Single Barrel Private Selections.  I have to confess, not the revelation I had hoped for.

To atone, we’ve assembled a collection of rare and highly rated American Rye Whiskeys, including the two show stoppers below.  Yes, we won another Pappy Van Winkle in the PA Special Release Lottery!  This one is the Rye of the family and a pretty special one.  And the Thomas Handy (another lottery win!) is not too shabby either.  The rest of the lineup has a couple of impossible-to-find ryes, all from premier Kentucky bourbon distilleries.  In fact, the requirements to be an American Rye Whiskey are pretty much the same as for bourbon, except the primary grain (51% or more) is rye, not corn.  That’s why American Rye Whiskey is often called “bourbon’s spicier cousin.”  But we’ll get into all that stuff over a glass of whiskey.

Mark your calendars for Saturday January 26 at 6:00 pm sharp and join a very lucky group of Whiskey Enthusiasts at the Main Street Wine Bar in downtown Stahlstown PA.  Details can be found at http://www.mainstreetwinebar.com (and sign up for email updates), and reservations are required.

So a detour of sorts from our strict adherence to the “only bourbon, and only Kentucky bourbon” credo.  I think this selection warrants the exception, and may rival last year’s epic Pappy tasting.

Here’s to the season- Cheers!

The Bourbon Boss


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